IRC logs for #openrisc Monday, 2012-10-15

juliusbmsschulze: hi yep what would you like to know?01:02
msschulzei am planning my bachelor thesis and want to do something useful, so i decided to do something with the or120001:07
msschulzeso i'm just getting into the toolchain and makefiles and such things, reading a lot of code but still have some trouble with the build system.01:09
msschulzei got the processor running on my DE0-nano board from terasic and was abled to boot up linux from ram after i transferred it with GDB, but i want to boot from SD card and wasn't abled to find how i put a new IP core into the processor (problem 1)01:11
msschulzea hint where it's documented would be helpful01:11
msschulzeand i wasn't abled to fully understand the altera build process (problem 2) but i think i will get into that later01:12
msschulzemy plan is to start a modular graphical IDE-like tool for configuring the openrisc processor, similar to that tool we use for the NIOS processor at my university, so i have to fully understand that build process, the wishbone bus and the linux build, but i'm not shure where i have to do some work adding an IP core01:17
msschulzethat's in short where i stand now. these problems must be solved in january 2013, so it's not that urgend01:20
msschulzei am sorry, have to leave now, it's 1 am here; hope to see you again. bye02:03
_franck_msschulze: that would be a very good thing to have such a tool02:31
juliusbmsschulze1: it's a bit of work to put an IP core in, but not too much11:50
juliusbHave a look at the ORPSoC documentation11:50
juliusbit outlines for a couple of boards how to add a peripheral and hook it up on the bus11:50
msschulze_frankc_: i don't know if it's desired at all, but if our instructors at university should ever teach on OR and not NIOS they need a gui; you can't make students learn all that text file configuration stuff before they can start a single SOPC14:25
msschulzejuliusb: i never found that documentation, please give a hint where to find it. i am sorry that i had to leave so suddenly without answer, i had a call from a client14:29
stekernmsschulze: it should be in the orpsocv2 source directory14:30
stekernin the doc directory14:31
stekernmake pdf14:32
msschulzestekern: thank you, that might be the only place where i didn't search for documentaion...14:35
_franck_msschulze: yes, I totally agree14:42
msschulzeat the moment i have do make some design decisions, eg if it will be standalone or an eclipse plugin, if it will be for altera only (i have  no experience with xilinx or other chip manufracturers)14:51
msschulzeprobably i have to leave some coding for the future... there's only three months for coding and writing the thesis14:53
msschulzestekern: i found that documentation you mentioned and yes, i have never seen that document... seems to be exactly what i am looking for... so i'll start pdf reading modus now :-)15:14
juliusbhere's a tip - it's usually useful to look in every doc/ directory and any files like README or INSTALL whenever playing with open source projects15:16
juliusbeven if it's 5 minutes to pass an eye over everything, it's worth it and will normally save you a lot more time later15:16
juliusbI've learned this the hard way :(15:16
msschulzei didn't have that orpsocv2 directory when i checkt out the last time15:17
juliusboh, weird15:17
msschulzethere was an orpsoc directory and that was almost empty, must have been a svn checkout problem...15:17
juliusboh well15:18
olofkOh great. I can't turn on the wifi because the stupid switch is broken20:45
olofkHang on a bit. Now we got VR2 and ARR and eight implementation-specific version registers? I feel that something has gone terribly wrong21:15
olofkSo what the hell should we put in VR2 that isn't already in VR or ARR?21:16
olofk...or the eight implementation-specific registers for that matter21:20
olofkWould it really be an ABI break to starting using a few bits in VR that were previously reserved? Shouldn't just software ignore them on existing implementations?21:34
olofkOr is it simply so that if bit 15 is set in VR, the rest of that register should be ignored, and VR2, ARR and the implementation-specific registers should be used instead?22:23

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