IRC logs for #openrisc Wednesday, 2012-10-03

olofkBasic VPI stuff works in orpsocv3 now. That's it for today. Good night everyone00:16
Amadiroolofk, just wait until you see the prices for... well.. anything04:20
stekernI was a bit surprised that norwegian wasn't the cheapest offer for my flights05:28
jeremybennettstekern: We're flying in with BA. IIRC correctly Norwegian was a similar price, but flying out of Gatwick, which is more expensive for Simon to get to.10:12
stekernI guess the airline companies need to keep their prices down in order to be alive10:15
jeremybennettYes - where there is competition on routes, prices (at least in economy) seem comparable.10:15
stekernI mean, I've never considered Ryan Air as an option, so that has probably not been such a strong competitor as noregian10:16
jeremybennettvery wise - I too rule our Ryan Air10:29
juliusbah Ryan Air isn't that bad - it gets you there and is usually the cheapest. Most of all for me, though, is that their hub is on the right side of London.13:33
juliusbThat's a pretty big thing to consider here in London, where getting to the other side of town and back may cost you 10-20 pounds more, which may be the difference in airfares between an airline going from a closer airport13:34
juliusbhowever, from Cambridge, flying from Stansted is win win - closest airport and cheapest airline13:35
juliusbalthough, I must admit I would not fly on Ryan Air if I had kids or work could pay for a real airline13:36
juliusband flying alone like I will, with no check-in luggage, makes it more bearable13:37
juliusbit's like a bus trip with more security - i printo ut everythign here at work and cycle to the train station which then takes me to a platform underneath the checkin area13:38
juliusband stroll through security13:38
juliusbit's almost optimal, except for the horrid airplane interiors they have13:38
juliusbanyway, I won't be getting to Stockholm until later Friday evening, I land at 9:30 so won't be in town until 11:30 easily13:39
juliusbso i could pop by for a quick beer or two13:40
stekerndo ryan air fly to arlanda nowdays?14:28
stekernsimoncook: fyi, I've synced my llvm/clang trees with mainline. I pulled in the changes in your tree first, to avoid duplicate efforts when fixing the breakage various interface changes causes.15:05
stekerntake a look so I haven't screwed anything up badly15:05
stekernoh, and: well done!16:12
olofkHey, why don't we call it the Cross-national OpenRISC conference? Then we can shorten it to XNOR conf.20:36
olofkI think XNOR is the coolest gate20:36
olofkMakes a great hash tag. I've put my tweet bombing on hold until we have decided on a good one20:37
olofkXOR is good too of course. "There can only be one true OpenRISC conference"20:37
olofkOr actually, XOR is true for all odd number of 1's, right?20:38
jeremybennettolofk: #orconf20:42
olofkAnd if someone discovers a big covered up scandal involving the OpenRISC, the media will probably call it or gate20:42
jeremybennettSomeone cut off his beer supply quick :)20:43
jeremybennettIs it a conference, workshop, meeting or seminar?20:44
olofkThat's a good question. I think we can rule out workshop, since there will be lots and lots of talking, but not much hacking on the agenda20:45
olofkI would go for conference or seminar. It started out as a more informal meeting, but it has grown a bit20:46
olofkpowwow turns up in my list of synonyms. Could any native english speaker shed some light on this? I'm not sure that the "yearly OpenRISC powwow" will be taken too seriously20:50
juliusbolofk: rofl at OR-gate scandal21:25
juliusbyes it did start out informal but i think it's good to make it a littl emore formal so those less involved feel welcome to crash the party21:26
olofkI totally agree.21:26
juliusbas for hashtag, I'll leave that to the twitterati21:27
olofkI just tweeted with #orconf201221:27
olofkDo you need help with the schedule, btw, or do you have that under control?21:29
juliusbmmm yeah I'll get a draft one together quite soon, possibly tonight, and email it around21:30
juliusbbut here's what I'm thinking so far - some welcome stuff, RTE peeople wil introduce themselves and what they do, ORSoC will do the same, and give an update on OpenCores and talk about some of the work they've been doing and what's in store reagrding new boards21:31
juliusball of that shouldn't take more than 30-40min21:32
juliusbthen sven ake's OpenRISC for newbies21:32
juliusbthen Piotr Skyprzk I believe wants to present something on eCos, so him next21:32
juliusbthen you're presentatino on ORPSoCv3 olofk21:32
juliusbthen mor1kx core presentation21:32
juliusbthen stekern presenting his LLVM/toochain wizardry21:33
juliusbthen or1k architectural discussion21:33
juliusbthen jeremybennett chairing the open source processes talk21:33
juliusbwhich should run until dinner21:33
juliusbof course, breaks in between21:33
olofkAre you making this up now, or have you thought about it beforehand? :)21:33
juliusband a fairly elastic timing on all of this21:33
juliusbi have roughly sketched thi sout21:34
olofkIt all sounds good to me21:34
juliusbmaybe break up the or1k architectural discussion with something before the open source processes for the project discussion21:34
jeremybennettolofk: how do i find you on Twitter21:34
jeremybennettjuliusb: simoncook will also want to present on LLVM with stekern21:35
juliusbjeremybennett: no problem!21:35
juliusbI mean maybe break up the two discussion sessions with something in between21:35
olofkjeremybennett: I go by the mysterious name of OlofKindgren, so that no one will find out my true identity21:35
juliusbsome lightning presentations21:35
jeremybennettCan you also put it on the Wiki. Plus it would be good for Marcus (are you there orsoc1_) to give it some front page air time.21:35
juliusbI've asked jonibo if he'll be around, but I understand he's very busy at the moment, but it'd be cool to have him along and get a quick update on the kernel port status if it's possible21:36
olofkAnd a schedule would be nice if random people want to drop in for a certain presentation21:36
juliusbyes, well, I don't want to time it too tightly21:36
juliusbi'll give a running order with rough timings21:36
juliusbwe need to start the longer items by a certain time, such as the final project processes discussion21:36
jeremybennettolofk: Of course if I could actually spell your surname, I might have found you...21:36
juliusbso I'll state those21:37
olofkjuliusb: I guess that works too. Most people will be  around for the whole time21:37
juliusbsunday about midday I'd like to meet up again with anyone who's willing to do the bug squashing session and or2k discussion21:37
juliusbwhether that's at the RTE offices or a cafe or something, we'll see21:37
olofkMy plane leaves 8pm. I have no idea how long it takes to Arlanda, but I will probably be around most of sunday21:38
juliusbyes, that session can probably last at a cafe or pub until leaving time21:39
juliusbi'd say you'd want to leave for arlanda from centralen about 521:39
juliusbi'm on a flight at about 9PM out of Skavsta so I'll be off about a similar time21:40
olofkjeremybennett: I see that you are as active on twitter as I am :)21:40
juliusbanyway, schedule is easy, I'm still stumped on a) dinner for saturday night b) recording equipment21:42
juliusbc) my presentations :)21:42
jeremybennettolofk: I'm improving. In particular @embecosm will be getting a lot more active in the coming months.21:42
juliusbI was going to ask on the mailing lists if anyone has gear appropriate for doing an audio and/or video recording of the meeting21:42
jeremybennettSurely for a) you just book a table for 16 somewhere?21:43
jeremybennettWith good beer of course.21:43
jeremybennettAnd preferably food as well21:43
juliusbjeremybennett: sven ake has proposed a place, see the discussion page on the wiki21:43
juliusbit's a bit pricy, but that's stockholm I'm afraid21:43
juliusbthe beer isn't too bad21:43
jeremybennettLooking at google translate, I am only slightly wiser, although I see we have missed the beer festival by one week :(21:45
jeremybennettLooks like it takes its beer seriously.21:45
olofkI have a good condenser microphone that works great for getting sound from a room21:45
juliusbenglish menu:
olofkYeah, but that menu ends October 5th21:45
jeremybennett"Butchers of the fabled Wagyu cow" intrigues me21:46
juliusbolofk: ohhh, could be good. i have a nice little USB sound card. I was wondering about maybe getting a pzm mic21:46
juliusbthey don't appear to be cheap21:46
jeremybennettI've never eaten moose21:46
juliusbwe have them all over work, though, maybe I could ask to borrow one from here21:46
juliusbyes, that menu does say it's the oktoberfesto ne21:46
juliusbbut I guess it seems nice21:47
olofkHmm.. I just remembered that I need to bring my tube mic amp for the phantom power too. Hope they don't make a fuss at the checkin21:47
juliusbnot too far21:47
juliusbjeremybennett: what's your twitter name?21:47
olofkjuliusb: You just said it :)21:48
juliusbah it's @embecosm?21:48
jeremybennett@jeremypbennett (@jeremybennett had already gone). Also @embecosm for the company.21:48
juliusbyes i tried jeremybennett and noticed it wasn't you, although looks like someone with similar maratime interests21:48
juliusbso if people are happy with that restaurant I can tell Sven Ake that we should book21:49
juliusbso in other news the foss-sthlm guys are hapyp for us to post on their mailing list advertising the event21:50
juliusbso we may get a few curious randomers21:50
juliusb(which would be great!)21:50
jeremybennettThe more the merrier. How big is the room?21:50
jeremybennettHave to go - dinner calls21:52
juliusbI do not nkow actually21:52
juliusbbig enough for about 15-20 i gather21:54
olofkShould there be a difference in endianness when I read memory through the VPI GDB server?22:24
juliusbmmmm yeah22:34
juliusbi never figured that out :(22:34
olofkI wonder how many hours people have spent on discussing, debugging and converting endianness23:19
olofkMaybe we should just settle for middleendian once and for all23:20
juliusbyeah it seems silly huh23:23
juliusboh well....23:23
juliusbtry undoing it23:23
olofkYeah, it's a bit too late to change now. Even if I had a time machine, I'm not sure that would be the first thing I would fix23:32

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