IRC logs for #openrisc Tuesday, 2012-10-02

stekernbah, doesn't seem like it's possible to setup an "official" git mirror in github by yourself10:11
stekernwith "official" I mean like the ones in for example, that has the "mirror icon" and the "mirrored from <repo>" text10:12
stekernif I have understood things correct, you have to request for it to be setup by e-mail...10:12
stekernhopefully that will change10:13
jeremybennettThey seem pretty rare beasts. I think there are only a handful in the whole of github (gcc and linux being two).11:01
stekernapache is a third12:10
stekernbut they are probably rare since you can't set them up yourself12:10
stekernall other mirrors just look like ordinary repos12:11
jeremybennettI suspect that GitHub really expects you to do the legwork yourself. However one or two projects are so popular, that it is worth having an official mirror, to stop having lots of unofficial mirrors clogging up their disks12:16
stekernthe problem is that it doesn't matter if I do the legwork myself (which I don't mind), you can't make it appear like a mirror without contacting them12:22
stekern(to my understanding at least)12:22
jeremybennettolofk: Which hotel are you staying in for the OpenRISC meeting?13:06
* stekern likes _franck_s or1k-tcltools13:18
juliusbI've had this place suggested as somewhere we could have dinner on Saturday evening:
juliusbit's within walking distance from the office where we'll meet up16:09
stekernre there ny brunch/lunch plans for before the meeting?16:26
juliusbgood question16:26
juliusbi think lunch before would be good16:26
juliusbI was going to see if I could get someone to provide some food at like 11:30 and we could encourage everyone to come along before the start and hang out and eat16:27
juliusbabout 16 people so far!16:29
juliusbsigned up16:29
juliusbthe foss-sthml guys don't mind us posting to their list either16:31
juliusbthere's going to be an OSS embedded event a week later in Stockholm apparently16:31
juliusb'tis the time of year16:31
Amadirostekern, i don't know about the "mirrored from" part, but I believe you can set up an organization on github without their intervention17:03
AmadiroAnd then if anybody forks from them it will say "forked from Organization/Reponame"17:05
stekernAmadiro: yes, I know, and we have that setup on
stekernbut I wanted to put up some mirrors from external git repos17:59
stekern(which worked, but not with the "mirrored from" part)18:00
olofkjeremybennett: Not decided yet20:26
jeremybennettOK - I'll book somewhere for me and simoncook fairly soon.20:26
olofkI should do that too. _franck_  and I talked about sharing something20:27
juliusbhey all21:10
juliusbI'm considering a few aspects of the project meeting21:11
jeremybennettWhat aspects would those be?21:12
jeremybennettThe choice of beer to serve?21:12
juliusbone is whether we provide a light lunch at about 11:30 to encourage people to come early and mingle and chat21:13
jeremybennettSounds like a good idea.21:13
juliusbanother is running order - should we break up the longer, heavier sessions (discussion-centric ones) with shorter sweeter ones such as mor1kx, orpsocv3, newbies session etc?21:13
jeremybennettSimon and I are arriving the previous evening, so a Friday night drinking venue would be a good idea.21:13
juliusbjeremybennett: as am I, not until a little later, but I agree, some beers on Friday would be obligatory for those in town21:14
jeremybennettSplitting up technical and discussion sessions is a good idea. You also want someone to chair each session. Particularly important for the discussion sessions.21:14
juliusba third issue is how we run the discussion sessions - someone to take minutes would be fantastic (I've seen you do it before Jeremy, you're quite good, *wink wink*)21:15
jeremybennettHappy to oblige21:15
juliusbor1k architectural discussions (i may just roll that into a shorter session for saturday and continue on the sunday if there's more left in it)21:15
jeremybennettIt would also be good to have a "record keeper" for the discussion sessions, so we can have a note of what we all agreed (or not as the case may be).21:15
juliusb... I mean or1k technical discussions I'm happy to take minutes during21:16
juliusbI would also like to make audio recordings of the day21:16
jeremybennettSimon's LLVM assembler app note should be published by then, and I know he'll be pleased to talk about that.21:16
juliusbI don't have the equipment to film otherwise I'd like to do that too, perhaps I'll ask on the mailing list if someone would like to set that up for me21:16
jeremybennettaudio recording will be good, video better if anyone has access to a video camera.21:17
jeremybennettYou might want to specify a twitter hashtag to use and even set up a flickr stream for images.21:17
juliusbthose are both good ideas21:18
juliusbthose are frequently used at open source events I notice21:18
jeremybennettyes - we had a lot of fun with Twitter at the OSHUG camp. Someone had a bubblino hooked up to blow bubbles any time the tags #oshug or #oshcamp were used. Exciting talks led to lots of bubbles.21:21
juliusbi'm tempted to poen the show with Sven Ake's introduction to OpenRISC for anyone who isn't familiar21:21
stekernI'll be arriving to Sweden late friday as well21:22
juliusbit will give a good overview of the project21:23
juliusbnice one21:23
stekernI think that evening will go to settling me and the kids in at my mothers though21:23
juliusbcan't sneak out for a bedtime beer?21:23
stekernbut I'm free at whatever time on saturday21:23
stekernI probably could sneak out, but I think the smallest one need some time to settle in at a completely new place (my mum has recently moved, so never been there before)21:30
juliusbjeremybennett: I'm in two minds as  to whether we start the day on your discussion or finish21:30
stekernI promise to compensate by drinking twice as much beer on saturday ;)21:30
stekernI vote for finish with discussion21:32
juliusbstekern: np - I was going to say, there'll be more than enough time on Saturday for that :)21:32
juliusbjeremybennett: althouh it would be a good one to finish on and allow people to continue discussion on over dinner21:34
jeremybennettI wouldn't do it at the start. Give people a few hours to get to know each other. Dinner will ensure we finish in time!21:40
olofkhmm.. at what time is everyone showing up on friday?21:45
olofkAnd could we move the meeting to 2037 or something so I have time to finish my work on orpsocv3 first?21:45
juliusbjeremybennett: good thinking. OK must run, ciao21:46
jeremybennettLikewise, dinner calls21:53
jeremybennettolofk: simoncook and I get to Arlanda at 5pm. So plenty of time to eat, drink and be merry that evening.21:55
olofkwow... it looks like it's quite a bit cheaper to fly in to Stockholm than taking a train22:06
stekerntrains are only cheap for students22:07
olofkI found a flight that would take me to Arlanda 5 pm22:14
olofkWith free wifi onboard :)22:15
stekernexcellent, no need to wait for 2037, you'll get orpsocv3 done during the flight and you can even push the changes22:16
olofkMaybe I'll even find a jtag connector on the plane, so I can test my port for boeing control system FPGAs22:18
stekernsure, just run in to the cockpit with your jtag adapter and ask where to plug it in22:20
stekernit feels a bit unnecessary with wifi on those short flights, you barely have time to boot your computer before you have to turn it off again22:22
olofk"Don't worry. You can look at the source code for everything I upload to your systems"22:22
olofkNot anymore! My super-optimized gentoo with systemd boots super fast! Just hope I don't need to recompile anything22:23
olofkWhen is everyone leaving on sunday? I found a flight that would take me from Arlanda 8pm.22:24
stekernmy flight leaves 8pm as well22:24
olofkThat's good. Then I'll probably have company from and to the airport22:26
olofkI like Norwegian. They have an option to have a cat in the cabin22:31
olofkI don't like them anymore. They charge for paying with VISA or MasterCard22:32
olofkjeremybennett: Arriving at Arlanda 5pm. Meet you at the airport?22:36

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