IRC logs for #openrisc Thursday, 2012-10-04

stekernjuliusb: I'd like to a lot a bit of time to quickly go through the dynamic linking updates I'm working on.05:55
stekerns/a lot/allot05:57
stekernI've put it up on the suggestion page05:57
stekernand added Simon to the LLVM talk05:57
stekernwill be interesting to hear him speak about the integrated-as work05:58
stekernbtw, is there something less bloated available than Impress to create slides?06:00
olofkstekern: emacs?08:26
stekernsounds good to me, but I'd need more guidance, a fullscreened terminal window with emacs will not look very good ;)08:39
stekernbeamer seems to be "da shit", am I right?08:56
stekernok, org-mode + beamer seems to be "da real shit"11:52
juliusbbeamer does look good!12:18
stekernyes, org-mode + beamer is a winner19:13
stekerngenerates this:
juliusbvery good19:18
stekernespecially the hokus pokus ;)19:20
* juliusb agrees19:20
olofkDidn't know about that. beamer looks like the way to go.23:04
juliusbso the or1k-elf- tool chain appears to handle immediates on branch and jump instructions differently than the or32-elf- tool chain23:43 0x2 on the old tool chain would skip the next instruction, but you need to do 0x8 in the or1k-elf tool chain23:43

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