IRC logs for #openrisc Thursday, 2012-09-27

stekernfirst time in 14 months I pushed something to my linux repo :)09:43
stekernjust syncing to jonas repo and switch to or1k toolchain09:43
stekernit's funny, when or1k-linux is built with shared enabled, you can't actually use that to build the kernel anymore09:44
stekern(because libgcc.a will contain references to _GLOBAL_OFFSET_TABLE_)09:53
stekernI'm finally getting around to test Gong Tao's work with the spi flash on the de0-nano board10:37
stekernhe spotted that the flash is actually 8MB and not 1MB as the documentation states10:38
stekernthus u-boot + linux image will fit nicely in there10:38
stekernworks beautifully10:42
stekern# uname -a10:43
stekernLinux openrisc 3.4.0-55392-g1b50055-dirty #1 PREEMPT Thu Sep 27 10:10:27 EEST 2012 openrisc GNU/Linux10:43
_franck_do you have any idea why a design would not work with ic ? (it doesn't work with IC + NO_BURST, so seems not related to burst)14:04
juliusb_franck_: is it software not aware of the cache? ie. not initialising it or peripherals in an address space which is getting cached but teh software not assuming that?14:06
juliusband which cache causes the failure, IC or DC?14:06
juliusbsorry, IC14:06
juliusbIC it's IC :)14:07
_franck_it is barebox. It doesn't initialise the IC. I tried to invalidate it at startup like in linux head.S but it doesn't change anything14:17
_franck_tonigh I'll try to disable it, reloc,  then enable it later14:17
juliusbyou should invalidate it before trying to use it.14:46
juliusbwhat about just leaving it disabled?14:46
juliusband which system are you using?14:46
_franck_yes I could leave it disable..14:58
_franck_I'm using orpsoc2 on a altera board14:58
_franck_I could leave it disable...however it should work...14:59
_franck_I copied the init from uboot, and AFAIR it doesn't touch cache15:04
_franck_I'm working on barebox15:04
juliusbOK, well, what do you mean it doesn't touch cache - it doesn't initialise it but turns it on, or doesn't even turn it on?15:22
_franck_it doesn't turn it on. is it disable by default ?15:32
juliusbit shoudl be disabled by default, yes, at reset, the enabled bit in SR should be 015:35
stekern_franck_: I have this work-around in u-boot:
stekernnot perhaps related to your problem, but or1200 IC is a bit flaky when you invalidate it "live"16:03

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