IRC logs for #openrisc Wednesday, 2012-09-26

stekern we're going in the right direction, less than 100 failures left ;)18:37
juliusbis this with dynamic linking for both?18:38
juliusbor rather, is the g++ stuff? and how are you testing it? you need an OS to do dynamic linking don't you?18:38
stekernyup, this is the linux toolchain18:39
juliusbso you're running it in or1ksim?18:39
juliusbvery cool18:41
juliusbbut hangon18:41
juliusbyou've mastered LLVM and now dynamic linking in GCC18:41
stekernI knicked Jeremy's or32-linux-sim.exp and slightly edited it18:41
juliusbare you able to present all your toolchain achievements at the meeting in a few weeks?18:42
stekernto the extent of my limited talent in keeping presentations, yes ;)18:44
juliusbpfft, it'd be awesome for you to just demo it and give a quick indication of the status of your works in progress18:46
stekernI'll try put something together ;)18:58
juliusbno pressure ;) but if you don't, i'll still force you infront of everyone to demo the dynamic linking and execution of something :)19:04
juliusbperhaps we get a bottle of champagne to pop after this demo :)19:04
stekernexecutions have always pleased the crowds, I've heard19:31
stekerngiving running the gcc regression suite against clang/llvm now, already shaken out some bugs ;)20:17
stekern+ a run20:18

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