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_franck_stupid me. uboot and barebox (because I copied uboot) do enable icache when present00:07
_franck_so if I don't enable it in the software, it works00:08
_franck_now I need to know why it doesn't work with the cache enabled....00:08
_franck_I need to see what is the return address...tomorow00:14
stekernis this code utilizing some gcc extension?08:27
stekernclang fails at the void bar (void *c)08:28
stekernpassing -std=gnu89 when running the gcc testsuite against clang/llvm filters out a lot of the false negatives btw08:29
stekernah, yeah, nested functions are not supported by clang08:31
stekern_franck_: yes, would be interesting to see what r9 contains there08:35
stekernif it's indeed 0, then it's probably the load that fails (or the stackpointer is screwed)08:38
stekernhmm, since the load is getting out on the bus I would assume it actually is08:40
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juliusbOK, I've forgotten this - if we have a jump to an unaligned address and this causes an exception, in the delay-slot world, am I right in thinking that the execption occurs before the delay slot exception happens?21:13
juliusbthis should be the case, right?21:13
juliusbcool, have a delay-slot-less mor1kx a bit alive :)21:42
juliusbmost of the debugging has been in the SW :)21:42

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