IRC logs for #openrisc Tuesday, 2012-06-12

jeremybennettAnyone have experience of the Yocto project (
Jiait looks amazing11:51
jeremybennettJia: The only thing I noticed was when I looked at the Project Members - all but one works for Intel/Wind River.11:54
jeremybennettSo I do wonder how much this is really a community project, rather than Intel/Wind River doing their work in public (which is still a very good thing).11:54
Jiais open embedded OK?11:57
Jiaalmost ARM only11:57
jeremybennettWell these are all good things. The challenge is when projects are dominated by one company, even with the best will in the world, it is hard to stop the project leaning towards that one company's agenda.11:58
jeremybennettEven LLVM suffers from this - with its domination by Apple/ARM/Qualcomm. They are all quite open, but it is simply they have so many people working on stuff it can't help steering the project.11:59
Jiayes, like open64, it is a fake community project.11:59
jeremybennettI'm not sure "fake" is fair. It is a desire for corporations to involve the community, and that is a very good thing. It is just hard for one company to get everyone involved.12:01
jeremybennettThe best projects are where there is no one company dominating.12:01
jeremybennettIt will be interesting to see how Open Embedded and Yocto play out. ARM and Intel seem to be squaring up for a market battle. Do Open Embedded and Yocto get tainted by this?12:02
JiaOE is supported by NOKIA, ever.12:06
Jiabut OE is not one company dominating.12:07
googjoshHello all. Can someone help me? gdb command "set $pc=0x100" fails with error "Cannot access memory at address 0xc0000000" both in or1ksim and in fpga. but command "x 0x100" print "0x100:0x1880c015". Google can't answer =(. I use orsoc with de0-nano. All by default.18:49
googjoshI used this "" manual.18:50
derRichardgoogjosh: isn't spr?18:55
googjoshnot understood. what does it mean?19:06
derRichardspr the gdb command19:07
googjoshok. special purpose register? but +it?19:07
derRichardi forgot the "it" :D19:08
jeremybennettgoogjosh: It's an upstream bug in GDB.19:09
jeremybennettWhich version of GDB are you using?19:09
jeremybennettOh - hold on. Is this after you have started executing the program. The problem I was referring to affected registers prior to execution.19:11
jeremybennettLooking more, it looks like you are trying to use GDB to debug the Linux kernel and it is being thrown by the memory translation.19:11
googjoshOk. I'll try to debug something other :)19:15
googjoshBut why I can't set programm counter? I downloaded the kernel, but do not run it.19:19
jeremybennettIt is a problem with the way GDB represents NULL frames. There is a patch somewhere that fixes this, but it breaks other things, so we haven't put it in the distribution.19:38
jeremybennettHowever GDB is no use on its own for debugging the kernel. You need KGDB or KDB. I know jonibo was looking at this, but I don't know if the necessary bits are in the kernel yet.19:39
stekernbah, he quit... he needs to: spr npc 0x10019:56
derRichard"Ping timeout: 240 seconds" <-- he died :P19:57
stekernI've managed to compile uclibc with llvm now (after inserting some hacks into it), haven't tried running it yet though19:58
jeremybennettstekern: Well done - you are making fast progress!20:37
stekernjeremybennett: it's easy to keep yourself motivayed when you're having fun ;)20:42
stekernoh, and I have got it to run the dhrystone test as fast as gcc-4.8, by tweaking the limit where memcpys vs inserted load/stores goes20:49

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