IRC logs for #openrisc Monday, 2012-06-11

axxlq1Hello all. Could you tell me where can i find the complete driver development manual?10:47
stekernaxxlq1: what "driver development manual" are you referring too?10:51
Jiacomplete driver development manual?10:53
axxlq1I want to write driver for my g-sensor. I runing linux at ORSoC.10:53
derRichardaxxlq1: depends on your target hardware and os :)10:53
stekernJia: do you have your openrisc qemu patches in some public repo somewhere? I'd like to try it out, but am too lazy to pull the patches from qemu ML ;)11:01
Jiastekern: I can send the patches to you, if you want.11:02
stekernyeah, sure, that'd work: stefan.kristiansson@saunalahti.fi11:03
stekernany particular reason to not have them in a public (git) repo though?11:04
Jianope, I'm too busy to maintaine a sperate tree.11:07
Jiaopenrisc is not my job now, I'm lacking time.11:07
stekernah, ok11:09
Jiastekern: mail sent.11:10
stekerncool, thanks!11:10
Jiaall openrisc guns are welcome, and you, absolutely :-)11:11
jeremybennetthi jemarch12:00
axxlq1Do i understand that or32-elf using newlib but or32-linux using uClibc?13:30
derRichardor32-elf is for bare metal13:33
stekernnice, quick test booting linux and running u-boot on Jia's qemu port went smooth20:20

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