IRC logs for #openrisc Wednesday, 2012-06-13

zewanIt is possible to add to or1ksim custom hardware support(behavior) or I need to look towards the VPI?11:38
Jiait is much easier to add a QEMU board.11:42
zewanthanks for answer. where can I read about?11:45
JiaI've summited OpenRISC patches to QEMU, v4. Maybe it can help you.11:46
derRichardJia: do you have a git repo with your changes?11:46
derRichardsucking the patches for a mailinglist archive sucks11:46
JiaderRichard: nope, is it so suck?11:47
derRichardJia: mailinglist break patches (breaking lines, converting chars, etc...)11:48
derRichardhave you ever tried to use a large patch from an archive? i think no :)11:49
Jiajonibo: hi, jonas, will you offer me a git access to
derRichardJia: you can also use github and friends :)11:50
JiaderRichard: github is GFWed in China. And, yep, it is really suck.11:51
Jiamaybe I can try google code? It is also GFWed.11:52
JiaWT really F, and F life in here.11:52
derRichardJia: you really need to leave this country :P11:52
* Jia will trying to maintain a git repo.11:53
derRichardwhat about gitbucket?11:53
derRichardups, bitbucket11:53
stekernJia: I tried your qemu work out the other day, everything went smooth, I was able to boot linux and u-boot with it11:53
JiaderRichard: yes, I'm trying to get out of this BIIIIIG prison.11:53
Jiastekern: nice to hear that.11:54
derRichardJia: that's really odd :(11:54
stekernI could publish a git repo with your patches ontop if you'd like more people testing it11:55
Jiastekern: I'll make a git repo, next week. thanks all the same.11:55
zewanSorry, but how can I get the patches at now? ;-)11:58
Jiagive me your mail, I'll send you, in one minute.11:58
stekernJia: Ok, np ;)11:58
derRichardJia: please cc me11:59
derRichardJia: thank you!12:01
zewanok. thanks a lot.12:01
Jiahi guys, should I fork QEMU in github?12:03
derRichardJia: please12:06
zewanIMHO it will be nice. pleasant to get ready-to-go system!12:06
JiaI'm doing this.12:07
zewanproxy to help ;-)12:09
Jiaproxy is OK, and I've forked Officall QEMU, I need make ssh keygen and push, now.12:09
-!- Jia` is now known as Jia12:29
Jiasorry all, I have to go home now. github is failed.13:17
Jiabut I make a git repo on google code.13:17
TarekEldeebhello ..14:14
TarekEldeebi just wanted to ask about multicores support?14:15
TarekEldeebis there any efforts in that direction?14:15

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