IRC logs for #openrisc Thursday, 2012-05-10

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Administrator_hi, everyone, please see this error Short URL:
Jia${SRC}/gdb-or32/configure \09:14
Jia  --prefix=${PREFIX} --target=${CROSS_TARGET} \09:14
Jia  --with-lib-path=${SYSROOT}/usr/lib --with-or1ksim=${PREFIX}\09:14
Administrator_but this under cygwin compiler09:15
Jiayou just need to use your own ARGS09:16
Jia${SRC}/gdb-or32/configure --prefix=${PREFIX} --target=${CROSS_TARGET} --with-or1ksim=${PREFIX}09:16
Jialike this09:16
JiaAdministrator_: ni zai zuo shen me? wei shen me hui yong or32?09:17
Jiacome on, brother.09:18
Administrator_Jia: Are you speak Chinese?09:19
JiaI'm, but not in this IRC channel:09:19
Administrator_Are you come from china?09:21
JiaI'm talking you in pravite... yes, I'm a Chinese.09:22
Jiadid you get my msg?09:22
Administrator_I got it.09:22
JiaOK, all right.09:23
Administrator_I'm sure you know me a chinese, because my english is your discover09:24
JiaI just trying help you. Eng&Pub here, and Chinese in Pravite.09:26

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