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Jiahi or1k gangs, anyone right here right now?03:30
Administrator_how to building gdb under cygwin?03:51
Administrator_I'm compiled the or1ksim success under cygwin.03:53
JiaI'm here, but I'm a *NIX user.04:49
stekernAdministrator_: I think _franck_ made some efforts building gdb under cygwin, but I'm not sure if he ever succeeded05:18
Jiadid or1ksim some special work? when I test or32-linux on qemu, it can NOT run busybox.05:21
JiaI'm porting qemu to or32, almost finish.05:21
gxtiJia: excellent05:21
stekernwhat do you mean by "special work"?05:22
Jiawhen I run linux using or1ksim, it is OK. when I run linux using qemu, it stop at busybox05:23
Jiareally wired05:23
gxtiJia: segfault?05:23
Jiait just STOP there.05:25
Jiabut if I replace busybox with a "hello" program, it is OK.05:26
stekernso where in busybox does it stop?05:28
stekerna bit hard for us to help you, you are the one who have done the qemu implementation...05:28
JiaI'll eat the last bug.05:29
Jiawhat ever, I can't give up at this moment.05:29
stekerndo you have your work published somewhere?05:30
Jianot yet05:30
olofkqemu sounds very interesting. Keep us posted07:23
stekern_franck_: I finally got around to take a look at your or1k-tcltools this morning, I didn't quite get it to work though. Have you tried running it from commandline under linux?07:24
stekernI did: quartus_stp -t run.tcl <filename>07:27
stekernthat's perhaps not the way to do it?07:27
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_franck_hi stekern , thanks for testing. There was a small mistake in the script. I fixed it, Can you pull the project again ?10:20
_franck_no, I didn't try it under linux10:20
stekernok, after pulling it works10:23
stekernso now it's tested under linux too ;)10:24
_franck_cool :)10:24
stekernbut the loading is pretty slow10:24
_franck_yeah I know :( But it is usefull when you want to use signal tap using or1k10:24
stekernyep, and it's a lot "easier" than setting up the whole thing with openocd-gdb10:26
stekernI think I'll add this stuff to the de0 nano orpsoc port10:27
_franck_it is perfect for newbies10:27
_franck_I wanted to interface openocd with the tcl script so we could have gdb , signal tap10:28
_franck_may be one day...10:28
jonibois there a quick way to go from hex codes to _readable_ or1k assembly???12:04
jonibook, figured it out12:09
joniboor32-aac-linux-objdump -m or32 -b binary -D ooo12:09
joniboafter dumping my hex codes to the file ooo12:09
Administrator_hi, why the build target is or32-elf, how to use orbuild build or-linux12:30
jonibowhy do you need or32-linux?12:31
Administrator_I'm need the uClib.12:31
Administrator_I saw the orbuild dir include newlib, not uclib.12:32
joniboyeah, looks like it doesn't do the linux toolchain yet12:32
jonibodon't know... what are you trying to achieve?  just a build a toolchain?  is orbuild the right tool for that?12:33
joniboor are you planning on running the tests?12:33
Administrator_my company have a lot of windows developer. them need the toolchain under windows with uclibc12:37
joniboi think you'll need to build under cygwin12:37
jonibothis is not my area of expertise, I'm afraid12:37
joniboI saw michaelliu was doing cygwin builds... perhaps he can help you out12:38
joniboI think orsoc1__ knows about this, too12:39
joniboyou could try to ping them12:39
Administrator_yh, exactly me. michaelliu login on my linux computer12:40
joniboI guess you know where to find him then! :)12:40
Administrator_michaelliu is my other english name.12:41
joniboyeah, I got that12:41
joniboi'm sometimes known as 'root', myself12:42
Administrator_i'm under linux use i686-pc-mingw32-gcc compile target-gcc is fine,target-libgcc is fail12:43
joniboI think you really need to use cygwin... I don't think mingw will cut it for building this toolchain12:44
Administrator_use orbuild under cygwin also failed, "makefile:1162: recipe for target 'gdb.exe' failed"13:50
Administrator_just build gdb.exe failed, the other is fine to "or32-elf-gcc or32-elf-nm and so on"13:51
jeremybennettAdministrator_: MinGW has some issues with absolute filenames and symbolic links. All the scripts I have ever seen have special code for MinGW to get round this.14:34
jeremybennettIt's a scripting challenge, there is no problem building GNU tool chains in general in this environment14:35
jeremybennettHave a look at the build scripts for the ARC tool chain for an example of how to deal with this:
Administrator_thanks,them has some of Relationship?14:45
jeremybennettAdministrator_: My company works with ARC. It's a good example of how to do scripts that also support MinGW. Not my work - I believe it was written by Brendan Kehoe15:22
stekernjonibo: what newlib patches were you speaking about earlier?18:19
stekernI still haven't got the new toolchain up and running with libgloss...18:20
stekerncrt0 et al doesn't get built for some reason18:22
hjyORPSoC v2 does not support for Altera's FPGA board?18:26
juliusbhjy: certain builds do18:27
juliusbi guess not the ones on OpenCores18:27
stekernhjy: what board?18:27
juliusbstekern's repo does have a couple of altera boards18:27
hjyStefan's ORPSoc support for de0-nano and de2-11518:32
stekernthere is a port for de2-115 in my tree18:32
stekernaah, you had already noticed ;)18:33
stekerndon't know how close they are, but not very much work would be required with one of those as base18:34
hjybut,can't support ethernet18:34
stekernwell, the de0-nano board doesn't have ethernet18:35
stekernbut it shouldn't be that hard to add18:35
hjyI try it。 but without success18:38
stekerntry harder? ;)18:39
stekernseriously though, what made it fail?18:39
hjyde2-115 have PHY for ethernet18:39
stekernyeah, I didn't do that board port (I don't own one of those)18:40
hjyI will try again18:42
hjyuse de2-11518:42
hjyuse de2-3518:43
_franck_de2-35 has a dm9000 so yo don't need ethernet IP, yo just need a driver18:48
hjyThis will be easier18:50

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