IRC logs for #openrisc Friday, 2012-05-11

Jiaqemu can run or-linux now, with some littlle bugs.03:13
michaelliuplease, How to compile a 32-bit binary on a 64-bit linux machine with bld-all.sh06:16
michaelliufile /openrisc/bin/or32-linux-gcc06:17
michaelliuor32-linux-gcc: ELF 64-bit LSB executable06:18
stekernis it legal to place a load to r9 in a l.jr r9 delay slot? i.e.: l.jr r9; l.lwz r9, -4(r1)06:39
juliusbstekern: good question. I would say it is, as the jump has been calculated by the time you're processing the delay slot12:57
juliusbbut... this isn't mentioned in the architecture spec is it?12:58
juliusbmaybe it's something for the spec revision12:58
juliusbspec revision update12:58
stekernhmm, are you saying you think it should be legal or not?13:06
stekernarch spec only mentions putting r9 in l.jal(r) delay slots13:07
stekernbtw, by legal, I mean the jump should go to what's in -4(r1)13:22
stekernit could of course be any register, and it doesn't necessarily need to be a load, any l.jr rX with an instruction that uses rX as dest in the delay slot would do13:28
stekernbut yeah, you're probably right, it's implied that the branch address is calculated before the the delay slot13:38
juliusbi think it _should_ be legal13:38
stekernyes, legal it _should_ be, but I realized that I should probably have questioned what the expected outcome would be ;)13:41
stekernbecause I realised to things; my definition of legal was probably wrong and I write sentences that sound like Yoda14:15

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