IRC logs for #openrisc Wednesday, 2012-04-18

stekernYay, I've got stack operations and prologue/epilogue support working, perhaps a bit primitive still though12:27
stekernI just noticed it calculates it wrong though12:51
stekernI don't really get it, I start the prologue by subtracting the frame offset to r1 (for example l.addi r1,r1,-8)12:52
stekernbut then when it start putting stuff in the stack it does l.sw -4(r1), somereg12:53
stekernI tried to work around that, but I realised that my workaround is all wrong12:54
stekernmicroblaze seem to declare it's stack as growsup instead of growsdown to get around it12:55
stekernmost likely, I've just misunderstood something12:56
stekernperhaps I need to reorder the instructions so the stack adjustment arrives after the things have been put on the stack13:53
stekernwonder if any architecture does it like that... I better take a look13:54
stekernbut it seems like a lot of trouble though13:55
jeremybennett_stekern: You could ask Anton K for ideas?14:15
jeremybennett_Or post on the LLVM mailing list14:17
stekernsure, but I prefer to dig a bit on my own first15:15
stekernespecially since I have no deadline or managers breathing down my neck to get things working ;)15:15
stekern(and it might spare me from public humilation if it turns out I've done something silly, like not noticing parameters to a method being swapped) :P15:19
jeremybennett_public humiliation is what open source is all about. I've done it enough myself.15:51
jeremybennett_For good measure I've just confused power and energy in front of a workshop of UK Academia's best and brightest low power engineers15:52
stekernyeah, I guess I'm more afraid of the possibility of wwasting peoples time with naive questions than of the possibility of public humiliation15:58
jeremybennett_well you could always aim to achieve both!16:04
stekernhaha, that's the spirit!16:08
stekernI think I got my head around the stack-frame-problem now (without public humiliation and wasting peoples time (except my own)) ;P23:51

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