IRC logs for #openrisc Thursday, 2012-04-19

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rbarraud                turns out I've done something silly, like not08:36
rbarraud                noticing parameters to a method being swapped) :P08:36
rbarraud00:51 <jeremybennett_> public humiliation is what open source is08:36
rbarraud                       all about. I've done it enough myself.08:36
rbarraud00:52 <jeremybennett_> For good measure I've just confused power08:36
rbarraud                       and energy in front of a workshop of UK08:36
rbarraud                       Academia's best and brightest low power08:36
rbarraud                       engineers08:37
rbarraud00:55 <stekern> ;)08:37
rbarraud00:59 <stekern> yeah, I guess I'm more afraid of the possibility of08:37
rbarraud                wwasting peoples time with naive questions than of08:37
rbarraud                the possibility of public humiliation08:37
rbarraudapologies guys: stoopid emacs/RCIRC fumble on my part :(08:40
stekerndon't sweat it ;)08:44
rbarraudthanks - was half-expecting a kick08:49
rbarraud'nite from antipodean VHDL'ers ;-)13:56
stekernsleep tight ;)14:04
juliusb_ah downunder hey?14:07
juliusb_hoo roo14:10
juliusb_jeremybennett: I'm stumped21:12
juliusb_i need to find out what the return code from the invocation of the or1ksim executable is in the TCL stuff in the dejaGNU testsuite21:12
juliusb_but I have no idea how to do it21:13
juliusb_been scouring the net trying to find out how to get the return code21:13
juliusb_in or1ksim/tesuite/lib/or1ksim.exp we do the eval of $command_line21:13
juliusb_well it's eval "spawn $command_line"21:14
juliusb_but then how do we get the return code or1ksim gives back21:14
jeremybennettLet me just look at the code to refresh my memory.21:17
jeremybennettAh yes.21:18
jeremybennettWe aren't looking for the return code of Or1ksim itself, because this is a script using expect to look for particular output.21:19
jeremybennettI need to go back to my TCL manual and see how results are returned. It is quite likely the result of the eval command.21:19
jeremybennettIf you put the command in [ ] it will return a result you can use.21:22
jeremybennettWhat happens if you use set res [spawn $command_line]21:23
jeremybennettExcept you don't want to spawn - you want to just run the command.21:23
jeremybennett"set res [eval $command_line]"21:24
jeremybennettThe trouble is that I am switching between PERL and TCL and get myself completely muddled on syntax and semantics.21:24
juliusb_thanks the pointes, will try them out22:19
juliusb_yes, the wich between perl and TCL can't be a nice one :)22:19
juliusb_I don't know perl too much, and the bit of TCL I know makes me sick22:20

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