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stekernbah, this is so typically me; I've spent the last hour debugging my complex pattern for (llvm) load and stores, in the end it turned out the reason that llvm was crashing was that two arguments to the complex pattern function was swapped...05:16
stekernat least I learned a lot from the debugging, and now load and stores to arbitrary addresses works ;)05:17
stekernnext: get stack operations to work05:18
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jeremybennettstekern: Look forward to seeing the finished product10:16
stekernjeremybennett: it might take a while, I have a lot to learn, but it's good fun!10:19
stekernI've merged in the parts that was (from my understanding) more advanced in Anton K's port into the work that was initiated by jonibo 10:21
jeremybennettThat seems a good idea. Anton made it all look very straightforward, but then he has done quite a lot of ports. So I would guess he has the basic structure right.10:46
stekernyes, and the backends are fairly alike, so many things was already in jonibos port10:48
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