IRC logs for #openrisc Thursday, 2012-02-16

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Lampus|2I have very stupid question: Can I just replace onchip_ram to sdram w/b controller in minsoc?12:39
juliusbI'm no minsoc expert, but I'd say so12:39
juliusbnot sure how easy it'd be, though12:39
Lampus|2I have already tried it, but I set maximum (slowest) timings.  Result: ERROR!  WB bus error during burst write, address 0x0 (index 0x0), retrying12:43
Lampus|2As expected... =)12:45
juliusbpgavin`: how's your binutils/gcc play going?16:45
pgavin`juliusb: it's coming16:46
pgavin`working on gcc now16:46
pgavin`there was a relocation problem in binutils though too16:46
pgavin`still trying to fix that16:46
pgavin`jump targets were not being set correctly at link time16:47
pgavin`but that might have been something I did16:47
juliusbI noticed that too!17:48
juliusba bit odd, some work and some down't17:48
juliusbthat's the problem I was last working on17:49
juliusbso it'd be great i you could figure out what that was17:49
juliusbi saw it was only functions in the C, though17:49
juliusbso maybe something weird with gcc too?17:49
pgavin`juliusb: I think I figured it out18:06
pgavin`it was a problem with the howtos in elf32-or1k.c18:06
juliusbah yeah18:09
juliusbwhich one was it using?18:09
juliusbthere was serveral problems with those I found18:09
pgavin`in the howto for R_OR1K_INSN_REL_2618:10
pgavin`it's pcrel, but I'm pretty sure pcrel_offset needs to be true18:10
pgavin`not entirely sure why18:10
juliusboh yeah18:11
pgavin`but when prcel_offset is true, it subtracts the PC of the branch from the final value at link time18:11
pgavin`which turned out to fix it :)18:11
juliusbso it wasn't true, and needs to be?18:12
pgavin`yeah, think so18:13
pgavin`I also added 32-bit, 16-bit, and 8-bit pc-relative relocs18:13
pgavin`but it needs to be false for those18:13
pgavin`not entirely sure why, but it works :)18:13
juliusbwhat are those relocs for?18:13
pgavin`if you do something like18:14
pgavin`l0: .word .l1 - .l218:14
pgavin`if l1 or l2 are in a different section or file, it will make a pc-rel reloc for that18:14
juliusboh yeah18:14

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