IRC logs for #openrisc Wednesday, 2012-02-15

Lampus|2What problems exist with --gc-sections option implementation in binutils port?08:05
Lampus|2*are exist08:14
jonibowhat are the recommended configure flags to pass to openocd?13:35
jonibo--enable-maintainer-mode is apparently required????13:37
joniboand can't build outside of source tree...13:37
stekernjonibo: I believe I built it outside of the source tree when I followed juliusb's instructions14:32
jonibowhere are those instructions?14:32
joniboI got some strange paths via configure.gnu when I tried to buid out of tree14:33
joniboaccess denied...14:33
jonibothat page doesn't exist anymore?14:33
stekernhaha, what?14:34
stekernI have it open here14:34
joniboanyway, whatever, I managed to build it in tree14:34
joniboare there any particular configure flags I should pass14:34
jonibocool... thanks14:35
stekernthat's the build instructions from that page14:35
jonibostrange... that's exactly what I did... except the out-of-tree build failed14:35
jonibomust be some autoconf version thing, or something... it fails when it tries to configure jimtcl...14:38
joniboanyway, no worries... building in tree is good enough for today14:38

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