IRC logs for #openrisc Tuesday, 2012-02-14

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pgavin`hello, the FPMADDLO/FPMADDHI registers accessed with l.mfspr/mtspr, correct?14:51
pgavin`the manual doesn't give the indices for these registers though14:51
pgavin`nevermind, I guess I figured it out.  It's clarified in the 1200 supplementary manual15:04
juliusbpgavin`: welcome to the world of the or1k spec16:17
juliusblots to fix :(16:17
pgavin`I'm working on getting FP into your cgen port16:17
pgavin`and there are some problems with the gcc 4.7 port I have to fix16:18
pgavin`some code isn't being put in libgcc for some reason16:18
juliusbis FP of big concern?16:18
juliusbi would worry more about getting the toolchain working16:19
juliusbie. the gcc port16:19
juliusbthe FP stuff isn't too important16:19
juliusbeasy to do It hink16:19
pgavin`I'm trying to get or1ksim's testsuite to build16:19
pgavin`it has some fp in it16:19
pgavin`but the binutils part of FP is pretty much done16:20
pgavin`at least, single precision16:20
pgavin`but double won't be hard16:20
pgavin`but, for some reason in giuseppe's gcc 4.7 tree, __udivsi3, __mulsi3, etc. are in the gcc/ subdirectory16:22
pgavin`and not libgcc like they should be16:22
pgavin`but those are for integer math16:23
juliusbok cool16:28
juliusbsounds good, you appear to know what you're doing :)16:28
pgavin`well, sorta16:37
pgavin`I'm figuring it out :)16:37
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