IRC logs for #openrisc Monday, 2012-02-13

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Lampus$ git branch12:12
Lampus  or1k-4.512:12
Lampus  or1k-4.5.112:12
Lampus* or32-4.5.312:12
Lampuschecking what to include in include/gstdint.h... stddef.h (using manual detection)12:12
Lampuschecking size of void *... 012:12
Lampuschecking size of long... 012:12
Lampuschecking size of int... 012:12
Lampuschecking size of short... 012:12
Lampuschecking size of char... 012:12
Lampuschecking for type equivalent to int8_t... /home/lampus/Projects/PKGBUILDs/or32-elf-gcc-base-git/src/gcc/libstdc++-v3/configure: line 269: return: please: numeric argument required12:12
Lampusconfigure: error: no 8-bit type12:12
juliusbyour machine doesn't have it or our port doesn't or something?12:14
olofk0 is pretty small even for something that is void12:15
LampusYep =)12:16
LampusBut this problem occured only when i trying build gcc with c++ support12:16
joniboisn't that the same bug you saw last week?12:17
jonibofix and run autoreconf... right?12:17
joniboyou had a patch for that already...12:17
joniboor maybe it was pgavin???12:17
LampusYes, but I have tried build older gcc version (4.5.1, not 4.5.3)12:18
LampusAnd this patch don't help12:18
joniboanyway, it's a bug in that much is for sure12:18
jonibocausing an erroneous configure file to be created12:19
jonibothe problem is at line 269 of the configure file...12:19
joniboso have a look there and see what's going on12:19
joniboperhaps you can just fix it by brute force?12:19
LampusI understand this, one moment12:19
LampusIt's in function as_fn_exit()12:21
LampusDon't helpful12:21
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LampusInteresting: /home/lampus/Projects/PKGBUILDs/or32-elf-gcc-base-git/src/gcc/build/./gcc/include/stdint.h:3:26: fatal error: stdint.h: No such file or directory12:45
jonibohave you built newlib?12:51
LampusAnd now all works fine =) I have built it, but don't installed it. It's so stupid =\12:59
LampusToo many "it"12:59
juliusbLampus: you don't like newlib?13:30
joniboyou misread... he just forgot to install it!13:36
juliusbah, yes I don't like it when I forget to install required things too13:39
pgavinjuliusb: I've merged your cgen binutils with the most recent upstream; see
pgavinit also passes the entire testsuite now :)16:19
pgavinbut it still needs some testing16:19
pgavinI'm going to get gcc 4.7 working then I'll be more sure about it lol16:20
Lampusgood luck16:21
juliusbpgavin: nice one mate16:55
jonibopgavin: \o/17:58

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