IRC logs for #openrisc Friday, 2012-02-17

jonibostekern: is the vga_lcd project on opencores the one you did a driver for?12:19
joniboi may have a project that could make use of that now12:19
stekernyes, that's the one12:19
jonibook, great12:19
jonibothe core is in good shape then, I take it12:19
joniboyour driver is in your linux tree, I suppose?12:19
stekernyes, in your's too, but I might have fiddled with it a bit since you pulled it in12:20
stekernso grab it from mine12:20
jonibook, i'll take a look at your tree to make sure it's up to date12:20
jonibomy use case is to drive an LCD... I presume you've used it for VGA output???12:20
jonibohave you tested it with an LCD?12:21
stekernI drove hdmi output with it12:21
joniboaha! cool...12:21
jonibocan't seem to download the documentation for the core right now...12:21
joniboyou wouldn't happen to have it lying around?12:21
stekernI could take a peek12:21
jonibono hurry12:22
joniboi complained on #opencores, maybe they'll fix the link12:22
jonibothanks, stekern12:24
giuseppeI didn't know about #openrisc, now my .emacs does12:26
juliusbgiuseppe: ah welcome, then :)14:22

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