IRC logs for #openrisc Saturday, 2012-01-28

juliusbKeeWee: I believe the BA22 supports the evolved ISA of beyond semiconductor02:28
juliusbso, for instance, the 16-bit ISA02:28
KeeWeeBA22 and OpenRisc share the same instruction set ? or these are different instruction sets ?10:37
KeeWeeas requested from Laksen, could you include this patch:
KeeWeein order to support LWS12:38
stekernKeeWee: I don't think that patch ever was posted to the mailing list?12:46
KeeWeeI don't know, this Laksen asking me to post it to your list in order to ease the porting of FreePascal Compiler for OpenRisc13:23
stekernyeah, I agree with the patch, I just think it should be posted to the mailing list in order to be applied14:40
juliusbI agree, please post it to the mailing list15:19
juliusbKeeWee: the beyond semi stuff is based on or1k but is modified a little bit and would be largely incompatible with or1k now15:20
KeeWeeok, even if I don't understand every bit of the patch, and what is its exact purpose15:28
KeeWeeif you think it is no longer needed, I will transfer to Laksen15:28
juliusbwell it's probably handy15:35
juliusbto make sure we don't generate an illegal instruction exception on something which is pretty reasonable15:36

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