IRC logs for #openrisc Sunday, 2012-01-29

-!- dart is now known as dart5016:24
dart50hi there. anyone here?16:25
stekerndart50: occasionally16:29
dart50do you know whre ordb2a information and development concentrated?16:43
dart50where can I get help and send patches for tools like orpmon, spiflash-program?16:48
dart50I've tried to look into openrisc mailing list archive but found about 20 threads only16:49
stekernwell, patches you can always send to the mailing list. I don't know if anyone is still interested in maintaining orpmon16:52
stekernif someone is, they'll pick them up16:52
dart50and what comes instead of orpmon? u-boot?16:54
dart50so there is some out-of-tree port? or official u-boot source is up to date with openrisc support?16:56
stekernthere are some drivers etc not pushe upstream yet16:57
stekernbut the mainline architectural port is up to date16:58
dart50and where is alternative tree with latest features and fixes can be found?16:58
dart50thank you16:59
stekernyou can ping Lonetech in #opencores about the board, I think he's the one that worked on it most16:59
dart50thank you again, you helped me a lot17:02
dart50I have some newbie questions related to FPGA developmet17:03
dart50can you help me&17:03
stekernask away and we'll see17:05
dart50ordb2a has FTDI chip which is JTAG capable. does it mean that I can connet to board with Quartus. You know, Tools->JTAG Chain Debugger?17:07
stekernas far as I've heard, no17:08
stekernbut I have close to zero knowledge about that board17:08
dart50my goal for now is to be able to download my configurations to FPGA and evaluate them. without touching SPI flash. is it possible?17:10
juliusbyep should be17:10
juliusbyou can directly program the FPGA afaik17:10
dart50how? what software do I need?17:10
juliusbsome JTAG thing, I forget, I think maybe u-jtag or something17:11
juliusbLonetech in #opencores will know a little more17:11
dart50urjtag, for example?17:12
juliusboh yeah maybe that17:12
juliusbagain, Lonetech will be able to answer all questions on that17:12
juliusbbut have you looked throught he VM image that is available for ordb2a development?17:12
dart50thats what I do most of time :)17:13
dart50there are lots of tools17:13
dart50but almost nothing on how to use it17:14
dart50but now, with your help, it's getting clear better17:15
dart50I see urjtag in VM, so it's supposed to be a needed tool17:16
juliusbyes and grep for where it's used in the scripts17:16
juliusbsurely that'll cast some light on the how it's used17:16
dart50thank you a lot, now I have some new directions17:18
juliusbno worries17:20
dart50urjtag detected my board. now I should provide some ".svf" to be loaded into?17:39
dart50suppose, that file contains FPGA configuration but can't figure out where can I get it17:41
juliusbyes you can convert what the altera programming file generation tool spits out into some SVF format suitable for urjtag17:42
juliusbthis is something Lonetech will know17:42
dart50viewing some ready to use svf file show that it's should be generated with "Quartus II SVF converter 11.0" from sof-file. Trying to find that converter...17:48

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