IRC logs for #openrisc Friday, 2012-01-27

olofkKeeWee: I think there is a CFI core somewhere around for talking to Flash memories. There is also a PCI core, and one of the connectors on the new OpenRISC dev board is made to work with PCI, so you should be able to plug in stuff there00:09
olofkPCI express is a bit trickier though as there are no transceivers on the board. Could be an idea for a daughter board00:10
olofkThere are also IDE cores available if that would help, or SPI if you're just looking for an external storage device and speed is not an issue00:12
KeeWeespeed is an issue :-)00:40
KeeWeethis is why I brought on the list the concern about native access to NAND chips00:40
juliusbKeeWee: have you checked for any NAND flash controller hardware?09:16
KeeWeejuliusb: that is the purpose of my question, is there any NAND flash controller Core existing at OpenCores that would be integrated in OpenRisc ORSoC ? is there any plan about it ?11:19
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KeeWeewhat is the difference between BA22 and OpenRisc ? anyone could comment in few lines ?22:09

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