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shorneI think I fixed it, made a patch04:14
ysionneau04:01 < shorne> ysionneau: I am making progress on TLS < great!18:10
ysionneauon our k1c port, only 12 non-passing uClibc tests so far regarding nptl/pthread/tls18:10
ysionneaubut those involve pthread_cancel stuff ... (exceptions...)18:10
ysionneauthat topic seems to be some kind of nightmare18:10
shorneysionneau: I had to work on one pthread_cancel bug, I might have the mailthread.  It was interesting19:26
shorneah, it was this patch:
tpbTitle: [RFC] linux-user: Use SIGRTMAX-1 for guest SIGRTMIN+1 to avoid conflict with host libc - Patchwork (at
shornethat patch fixed an issue running pthread_cancel on qemu-user* mode19:29
shorneIt might not explain your issue19:29
shorneMy TLS linker patch doesnt fix the issue19:30
shorneok, spotted another bug, it seems to work now20:17
shorneoh no, after rebuilding all its failing :(20:22
shorneok fixed now20:48
tpbTitle: or1k: add tls mask to handle multiple model access · stffrdhrn/binutils-gdb@10c9de5 · GitHub (at
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