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shorneysionneau: I am making progress on TLS22:03
shorneThe fix I made allows the linker to work and I confirmed access works for LE and IE type access22:04
shornebut GD is having problem, this test mixes GD, LE, IE and LD access to the same variable22:04
shorneit seems that mixing IE and LD is causing the .got table entries to be messed up22:05
shorneI mean mixing IE and GD22:05
shornei.e. if first writes the entry IE, i.e. just the tp_offset to the .got22:06
shornethen it tries to write GD (mod + tpoffset) to the .got at the same place, it skips this because it protects from doing 2 writes22:07
shorneso, IE access works fine, but GD access fails, because the .got entry is wrong22:07
shorne(Thats what it looks like at least)22:08
shorneI will have to fix the linker22:08
shorneagain :(22:08
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