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shorneysionneau: cool, I am working on a but with linking tls relocations into static binaries17:41
shorneI think there is a problem with the linker, it tries to create a section to store some TLS relocs, but it doesnt allocat space for the section.  So when it goes to write them it crashes.17:42
shornethis doesnt happen when I omit the -static flag17:42
shorneMaybe -static should not have section?  But I haven't found any evidence that says that.17:43
shorneysionneau: In terms of documentation.  I meant, only basic relocations are documented. 7 relocations.  First 4 are correct, then next 3 don't exist17:47
shorneWe now have 54 relocations17:47
shorneThe runtime relocation is R_OR1K_JMP_SLOT, which is for the PLT17:49
shorneThat one is not properly documented17:50
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