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shorneysionneau: ok, that helps.  I will give it a look over then next few weeks.  It is on my todo list along with a few other things.  Note, adding reloc documenation for all relocations including runtime relocations as mentioned above has been on my todo list.  We should add it into the architecture manual, there is a section at the end that needs to be expanded.04:35
ysionneaushorne: great!09:02
ysionneauIf I understand correctly, only runtime relocs are documented on the arch manual, or I misunderstood09:02
ysionneauanyway, dont hesitate to ask if issue while debugging uclibc-ng09:05
ysionneauI am working on a (corporate) port to uclibc-ng09:05
ysionneauand working on shared support (relocs) + tls for the past months09:05
ysionneauso I know a bit how it works09:05
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