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@juliusbwb__: DCR errors?02:15
@juliusbwb__: have you tried singel register reads and writes to somewhere on the bus (the SRAM again)02:15
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wb__When I try to connect from gdb I get a timeout error and in the jtag_bridge I get a crc error10:29
wb__from gdb (gdb) set remotetimeout 10 (gdb) target remote:9999 Remote debugging using :9999 Remote communication error.  Target disconnected.: Connection reset by peer.10:30
wb__I can watch the jtag and debug signals on the FPGA using chipscope,  just hard for me to see a full jtag transmission as chipscope is pretty narrow on what it records.10:32
wb__I was feeling pretty good when I saw the memory read and write data from the test mode show up on the wishbone bus, but I don't why it wont complete the test mode and just stalls at starting the cpu.10:33
wb__I have a bus blaster from dangerous prototypes, Can I use that with adv_debug_sys over the xilinx usb cable?13:50
wb__ok using the bus blaster I think I'm connected, but using openocd i'm now getting an error when I try to reset the cpu16:51
wb__I just loaded a program using the busblaster, only a few issues, I have seen a few "Error: Memory write failure!"17:35
wb__Also I can't halt or reset the cpu, when I do I run into a core dump with openocd17:37
wb__Error: or1k_assert_reset: implement me17:37
wb__Error: or1k_deassert_reset: implement me17:38
wb__openocd: driver.c:191: interface_jtag_add_dr_scan: Assertion `field == out_fields + scan->num_fields' failed.17:38
wb__Aborted (core dumped)17:38
wb__Overall I can probably get what I need imediatly done using the busblaster, not sure why the xilinx usb cable is being such a pain but I'd like to figure out the other errors with the bus blaster17:39
@juliusbwhat's the difference between test mode and standard mode?19:58
@juliusbclock frequency or something?19:59
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