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shivm28[m]shorne: Yup. Thanks a lot for the info!!13:29
shivm28[m]I went through the gdbserver in both qemu and openocd. IN QEMU,  connection between gdb and gdbserver are implemented as:;a=blob;f=gdbstub.c#l182313:53
shivm28[m]1. We don't need TELNET for communication, right? Socket programming using TCP should be sufficient, correct?13:56
shivm28[m]2. Regarding connections, gdbserver should first connect with GDB followed by the host controller in OSD or vice-versa.15:08
shivm28[m]3. For gdbserver implementation, I am trying to cover all the API to connect it with GDB, followed by read/write registers and memory and then complete RSP implementation.15:16
shorneshivm28[m]: telnet is just TCP20:11
shornebut... its nice to be able to telnet in to test CDM20:11
shorneit might be easier for testing CDM compared to using gdb20:12
shornebut its up to ou20:12
shorneup to you20:12
shorneIn terms of QEMU and OpenOCD, I think the OpenOCD implementation matches better what we need20:13
shorneqemu takes some shortcuts because its a simulator20:13
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