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shivm28[m]shorne: Hi, I tried using qemu from distro. But, I have qemu-system-or32 instead of qemu-system-or1k. So, couldn't follow the instructions. Finally, I went up building qemu from source following a bunch of links and resources. I was able to connect qemu gdbserver with gdb and also tried some commands.15:16
shivm28[m]I have jot down all the instructions here:
shivm28[m]For or1k toolchains:
shivm28[m]Also, went through the implementation of gdbserver in qemu.15:23
shorneshivm28[m]: great!19:47
shorneon the toolchain page, I think you will need19:47
shorne(gdb) target sim19:47
shorneI hope that gives you an idea of how the gdb->gdbserver connection is done19:48
shorneand how to test a bit of what is happening19:48
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