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shorneZipCPU: yeah, it looks like thats the case for openrisc too and its in newlib, so either something worng with how I linked it or something wrong with my compiled code03:51
shorneit looks like my issue is something more basic, the program is not resetting to 0x100 its starting right in main03:57
shorneok, I fixed that passing --entry=0x100 to the linker10:08
shorneits crashing in _or1k_init() - part of newlib now10:20
shornewill have to continue this debugging tomorrow10:20
shorneok, I fixed that issue I was using l.addi rx,rx,lo(sym) to load symbols which dones work since it was sign extending17:25
shornenow getting another crash in __libc_init_array17:25
shornesomething wrong with __preinit_array_start and __preinit_array_end17:37
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shornein the something wrong with my link order, these are weak linkage symbols18:42
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