IRC logs for #openrisc Saturday, 2018-05-05

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shorneok, I got it to link the hello world program with -lboard-or1ksim and defining the .fini and .init sections in libgcc20:01
shornebut getting a segfault, it seems stack (r1) is not setup correctly when we get into main20:02
shornewallento: do you remember is newlib sets up the stack? or is that something that gets setup in gcc (in _init?)20:02
shorneits probably something wrong with my prolog/epilog implementations20:03
ZipCPUshorne: I've always needed to set the stack up in crt021:09
ZipCPUThere should be an open risc version of this module in the glue library section of newlib.21:09
ZipCPUYour linker script should also initially send you to the function in crt0 that sets up the stack, and possibly copies any memory from flash to RAM.21:10
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