IRC logs for #openrisc Thursday, 2018-05-03

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Guest21438i am trying to use de2 to check the openrisc implementation00:44
Guest21438the bitstream & openocd are ok, but while i download the hello.elf ,not thing is happened from uart port00:45
Guest21438do i miss something00:46
shorneok, or1k gcc port is pretty much working05:38
shorneneed to get it working with libc/newlib to get the tests working05:39
shornewallento: shivm28[m]: ill keep my eye on optimsoc, sorry havent been checking much lately05:41
shornenow gcc port seems ok, I will have some time05:41
bandvigshorne: great!05:42
shivm28[m]shorne: Hi, I mailed you something regarding introductory mail. Can you please check?09:55
mafm[m]yay shorne \o/10:36
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