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wsneijersHi, I have a problem using the mor1kx espresso (V4.1) in burst mode. When the CPU performs a branch while loading instructions from ram the last address is put on the address to late. This results in the ram not having enough time to load the correct data. Here is an image of the problem Thanks!04:36
bandvighello all.07:13
bandvig: I have resolved problem with compilation glip ( under CygWin by editing small amount os source code.07:13
bandvigHowever, CygWin’s libtool still reports error.07:14
bandvigIf I understand correctly it requires specific option. At first glance I could not recognize the place where I could edit command line options for libtool. Could anybody give guidance?07:14
wbxshorne: any news on the gcc front?16:30
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