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bandvigwallento: I'm trying to build OpTiMSoC under CygWin now.  I successfully compiled and installed multi-core tool chain and Verilator.10:14
bandvigI also had to install a lot of additional CygWin-packages to be able to pass building python  packages collected during OpTiMSoC building.10:14
bandvig I also had to install even more CygWin packages to be able to pass building OpTiMSoC documentation.10:15
bandvigHowever, building process stopped with error message  while building glip.10:15
bandvigIt looks like I couldn't build glip under CygWin as glip is "developed under and for Linux".10:15
bandvigIt requires Linux headers (and I believe Linux's specific API) which not supported in CygWin.10:15
bandvigIs there a way to copletely exclude glip building and installing?10:16
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