IRC logs for #openrisc Tuesday, 2018-02-06

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_franck_sinetek: 0x700 means "Illegal instruction"01:26
_franck_it means your CPU tried to execute an unknown instruction01:27
sinetekyeap, I got code execution now, using a simple main.c I compiled myself01:31
sinetekI think?01:36
sinetekAwesome!! LED are changing values01:50
sinetekLinux tries to load at address 0xc0000000, is there something special about this address?14:24
sinetekfor example on NIOS that bypasses the MMU14:25
sinetekvery odd, i don't know where that comes from14:26
sinetekagh so confused. i have nothing at address 0xc0000000, what does it want there15:19
sinetek_now the blink demo doesn't work either. i give up for now15:34
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