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sinetekHi folks.23:05
sinetekI'm playing around with a DE2-70 board trying to get mor1kx running, but just can't get it working : \23:06
sinetekThe debug interface loads up fine, but I can't seem to run any program23:06
sinetekThe SDRAM seems to be working fine, I can poke the memory and read back the values etc23:07
sinetekI'm confused by the debug interface too, "step" seems to get the cpu running instead of stepping one23:08
sinetekI'm wondering if there's a regression somewhere.23:09
sinetekYeah i'm confused, I can't even step through a few NOP's somewhere.23:18
sinetekHere's what I'm doing in gdb:23:18
sinetekthat ^C is me interrupting never ending *something*23:19
sinetekit keeps going back to that 0x700 address.23:21
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