IRC logs for #openrisc Wednesday, 2018-01-10

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shornewbx: could I see your patch?05:15
shorneack on the ec73c71504f patch, I figure its ok, maybe could only cause regressions if there is a compier bug05:16
shornebut we can leave it out05:16
shornemaybe, this whole clean up is more work than its worth05:16
shornewbx: for openadk how can I get it to build the uclibc-ng-test + kernel, after I biult a toolchain05:17
shornei.e. originally I built the toolchain, its all successful (for nds32)05:18
shornenow, I tried to update 'menuconfig' to add "test appliance" task, but when I build it still just does toolchain05:18
Marexshorne: are you going to jamboree 64 ?06:32
shorneMarex: I will try to, will you be here?09:05
Marexshorne: not sure09:25
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