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shornewbx: I fixed an nds32 issue06:46
shornePublished a new series here ^ (includes a new warning fix)06:47
shorneI got the toolchain build working06:47
shorneIll try to get the test build working too06:47
shornenooga: or1ksim I guess is good08:13
noogaah, I see, it has --trace08:29
noogaif appears as if it does trace changes though08:29
noogaI'll have to make my emu do the same then :D08:29
wbxshorne: i fixed it up locally. testing on hardware has given no regression.15:26
wbxi check what you changed15:27
wbxec73c71504f2f1949023ffe77818bc672a433236 looks potential okay, but after I made such a change in lowlevellock.h i got a lot of regressions, so I am not sure I wanna try it.15:29
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