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shornenooga: I dont see any reason the jvm wont run.08:56
shornewallento: I am looking throught gcc in depth, you know I cant really find matjaz did much work10:15
shornefrom 2000 to 2002 - damjan and simons did the initial bootstrap10:16
shornein 2005 - matjaz did some optimization (cant figure out details) because I dont have the code from 200210:16
shorne2010 -> jeremybennet did fp support, stack fixups, etc10:17
shorne2012 -> on stekern did PIC, GOT, sync core, etc10:17
shorne2015 -> rth did tail fall, more fixups for PIC, refactor of sync code, floating point fixups10:18
shornethere is really nothing matjaz did that I can see10:18
shorneNothing significant10:18
shorneI would like to get the source code from 2002 to compare to matjaz's 2005 code dump (first code in opencores svn)10:20
noogaI just wrote an elf loader so my vm can load test binaries and ran this
noogaCPU panicked while setting timer mode but somehow 0x8000000d landed in r312:46
noogamild success12:46
noogalooks like my MMU, lwz and lwa are seriously broken...13:07
wallentoshorne: my understanding is that matjaz did some massive refactoring when bringing it to a new major version13:14
wallentoI think blueCmd_or stekern may have the full history of the work13:15
wbxand matjaz is the developer responsible for not getting gcc support upstream?13:29
noogalooks like it passes some of the tests :D15:11
shornewbx: yes16:55
shorneblueCmd_: do you have the history?16:57
shorneIf its true I am thinking to start a clean room rewrite16:58
shornebut I am wondering if I can reuse things from Jeremy, stekern, blueCmd_ (because the fp support, PIC support, atomics is completely new work to me)16:59
shornethose code parts are independant17:00
noogalooks like the kernel started and immediatly got to writing high memory counting down and hit a bunch of my dummy devices17:28
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