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shornenooga: good progress!07:57
noogaI'm trying to find what went wrong at the moment08:06
nooga it hits the first ITLBMISS, does this and then loops on IPF08:08
noogaI think I can figure this out08:09
shornewell, IPF is page fault, it should be expected08:29
shornebut then it expexts that the page gets mapped into the TLB and then MMU translates the virtual accesses to physicall. etc08:30
shornemaybe something wrong in your mmu?08:30
noogaI think it is, looks like ITLB iz just zeroes08:32
noogaapart from hm, 0x202 which is 0xc0005001 which looks suspicious08:42
noogathis is fun08:46
shornemaybe an off by one issue?09:00
noogaI'm trying to trace what's put in there09:12
noogaand how09:12
noogaI'm assuming that the JVM does not run on openrisc yet?12:05
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