IRC logs for #openrisc Thursday, 2017-09-21

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mbufWhere is the ORConf 2018 planned to be held?01:29
-!- [X-Scale] is now known as X-Scale03:21
wallentombuf, some place in Poland is pretty much among the favorites, but nothing has been decided so far05:52
mbufwallento: okay06:01
mbufwallento: I would love to attend it in 2018. Are there any video recordings from the 2017 conference?06:01
wallentoyes, they will be uploaded soon06:01
mbufwallento: thanks!06:01
wallentothey get more sophisticated this year06:01
wallentoincluding the slides06:02
* shorne is looking forward to the uploaded videos07:57
* Finde is also looking forward to the uploaded videos13:09
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