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shorneHello, does anyone know this Mimas V2 board?09:14
shorneit says ddr ram, but I dont see it on the pcb...09:14
shorneI guess its U909:16
mafmwallento: I like fossi.  just teasing pabs because he posted the lowrisc job opening in "fossjobs"13:11
mafmbtw, I don't know if there's enough volume, but maybe a feed of fossi/jobs would help to give more visibility13:12
wallentoyeah, I have been thinking the same13:15
wallentoI hope there will be more openings soon with the stuff off darpa13:15
wallentooh, by the way folks, we are talking about that:13:15
mafmwallento: which stuff off darpa?13:20
wallentowait a sek13:22
mafmwallento: ah, very interesting14:10
FindeOpenPiton gets called out in the POSH proposal as a benchmark14:16
Finde*POSH program14:16
Findepretty pleased about that14:17
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