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shornestekern: hello, I am wondering if you understand the problem Marc Z is trying to highlight on the ompic review.02:36
shorneI have a response I am working on but figured I might check with your understandng first02:37
Edushorne: yes I am, and ise 14.7 .. fusesoc build atlys and fusesoc pgm atlys are working06:03
-!- Edu is now known as EduC06:13
shorneEduC: ok good, if you have that working this is how I start openocd...07:01
shorneopenocd -f ./or1k-utils/openocd/de0_nano.cfg07:01
shornewhich the config is:
shorneyou would need to create/find a similar one07:03
shornethis is for usbblaster07:03
EduCshorne: i tested this config file in the de0_nano and it works fine, but i dont know which interface to put for atlys.. fusesoc implements a secondary jtag for atlys using the pmod07:32
shorneEduC: if you look into the openocd/tcl/target/or1k.cfg file the different TAPs are there07:42
shorneif { [string compare $_TAP_TYPE "VJTAG_SMP"] == 0 } {07:42
shorne} elseif { [string compare $_TAP_TYPE "VJTAG"] == 0 } {07:42
shorne} elseif { [string compare $_TAP_TYPE "XILINX_BSCAN"] == 0 } {07:42
shorneI implemented VJTAG_SMP on my system07:42
shornemaybe you want XILINX_BSCAN?07:42
shornebut you said vjtag is working?07:43
shorneSorry, I have no xilinx boards07:44
shorneso not sure07:44
EduCi have both de0_nano and atlys. Everything is working fine with de0_nano, but I cant connect to atlys. There is this post from last year (,OpenRISC,0,5803 ) where olof talks about 3 ways for debugging atlys (xilinx bscan, jtag_tap via the PMOD connector, and using a boot loader). I am trying the second since it is the one set up for fusesoc... and this log they08:10
EduCdiscuss the problem ( )08:10
stekernshorne: I see that you already answered ;)12:06
stekernbut yeah, it wasn't clear to me neither which of the cases you presented he meant12:07
stekernand I believe what you answered is correct12:10
shornestekern: it seems he replied and I guess my answer is good enough, but I will look a bit more into these transitivity cases he mentioned18:04
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