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stekernshorne: I don't quite understand the master slave logic, is cpu0 always the master (e.g. boot cpu is master the other slaves)?01:32
stekernif so, should the master sync really be in _cpu_up()?01:36
stekernafaict, that's being called for every cpu that is being brought up01:36
shornestekern: well cpu up is called buy cpu[0] to kick cpu[n]04:52
shorne(as I understand it)04:52
shorneso, after boot_secondary() is called, the master (cpu[0]) calls sync_count_master(cpu).04:53
shorneTo wait for the secondary cpu (cpu[n]) to call syn_count_clast(cpu) with same value for `cpu`.  Then they will sync clocks04:54
shornethen master (cpu[0]) will return form sync_count_master(), and continue booting other cpus04:55
shorneand secondary cpu/slave (cpu[n]) will finish its startup and go to idle task04:56
stekernok, that may be the case05:44
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