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mithroshorne: Would you have some time spare to help me get linux or1k through the initial boot process in the near future? I'm sure with your help it'll take like an hour (we have mostly working qemu emulation of our soc working)08:07
shornemithro: I'll try to help. How familiar are you with device tree?16:31
shorneIf you have a custom SoC, creating your own dts file should be all you need16:33
shorneThe basics are (memory, cpu, pic and serial)16:34
shornewbx: I think I figured out how to make the simulator exit16:35
shorneThe l.nop <arg> has a different meaning to the simulator16:39
shornei.e. 'l.nop 1' and 'l.nop 2' cause the simulator to exit16:39
arand(wrong window, sorry, ignore)17:01
shornewbx: find this patch here:
mithroshorne: I think I have an initial device tree21:38
mithroshorne: Where in the world are you? It seems like the US East Coast or maybe Western Europe? You seem to be around mostly before I get up (I'm in Australia)22:56
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