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shornereading through openocd code, it seems hard coded to only talk to one openrisc cpu03:16
shorneit has the logic to talk to the second, but doesnt use it03:16
shornealso the verilog in adv_debug_sys supports 2 cores03:17
shorneI am now looking into patch secondary cpu support into openocd, not sure if anyone else has tried before03:18
shornejuliusb: It looks like you worked on openocd, do you remember if its possible to get it to support multiple cpus?03:31
shorneI think I figured out how to do it...04:08
shorneopenocd inits like this04:08
shorne 1. jtag newtap ...04:08
shorne 2. target create (for openrisc this also inits jtag serial port, registers, memory access)04:09
shorne 3. init (calls target init)04:09
shornecurrently if you call (2 target create) a second time it doesnt work. I can add logic to not re init everything on second target create, and also look at coreid to redirect calls to the different cpus04:10
mithroDo the developers of hang out around here much?22:41
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