IRC logs for #openrisc Wednesday, 2017-03-29

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wallentoshorne: sorry, I am snowed currently02:32
wallentodid you already do something about IPI?02:32
wallentoin libgloss its currently handled with a flag in 0x402:32
wallentowhich is of course subpar02:33
wallentomaybe we can start with a simple IPI module in mor1kx and extend it then02:33
wallentoI suspect with Linux you have a clearer picture of what is useful02:33
stekernwallento: I did a simple IPI module that I used for SMP in linux08:17
wallentocool, thanks08:26
wallentoI will have a look at it later08:27
shorneI am using that, I was planning to make a pull request to orpsoc-cores for it and everything else once it looks good09:26
shornestekern: wallento: have you done multicore via OpenOCD?17:04
shorneis there any special setup needed? i.e. for de0_nano-multicore I guess maybe a differnt openocd setup is needed17:05
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