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bandvigolofk: thanks, got it01:14
promachwallento: I have a question regarding the OptimSOC installation04:16
promachWhen I tried, I have Variable 'OPTIMSOC' not defined04:17
promachI have checked against the content of optimsoc_environment.sh04:17
promachbut still the same error04:17
mor1kx[mor1kx] whitequark opened pull request #49: Do not assign spr_access_ack[`OR1K_SPR_PC_BASE] twice (master...patch-1)
mor1kx[mor1kx] skristiansson pushed 1 new commit to master:
mor1kxmor1kx/master 477a7c5 whitequark: Do not assign spr_access_ack[`OR1K_SPR_PC_BASE] twice....05:21
wallentohi promach: that sounds strange07:39
wallentodid you source
wallentothis one should set it07:39
wallentowhich step gives you this error?07:39
promachwallento: it is the hello example in baremetal-apps07:46
wallentoand you did do "source /path/to/" before?07:46
promachI have already sourced optimsoc-environment.sh07:48
wallentois $OPTIMSOC set? then its maybe an issue with the makefiles07:52
wallentoare $LISNOC, $FUSESOC_CORES or $OPTIMSOC_VERSION set?07:52
promach$OPTIMSOC is set to path_to/OpTiMSoC/2016.107:53
promachthe others are also set07:54
promachthe Makefile does not seem to be modified (I mean date)07:59
wallentodo you have pkg-config installed?08:03
wallentoI think that may not be properly captured in the makefiles08:04
wallentoBUILDSCRIPTS=$(shell pkg-config --variable=buildscriptdir optimsoc-baremetal)08:04
wallentoinclude $(BUILDSCRIPTS)/Makefile.inc08:04
wallentolooks suspicious to not raise an error if pkg-config is missing08:04
promachis installed08:04
wallentohm, okay08:04
wallentotrue, otherwise it wouldn't know of OPTIMSOC missing, because it is not used in the Makefile08:05
mor1kx[mor1kx] bandvig pushed 1 new commit to marocchino_devel:
mor1kxmor1kx/marocchino_devel d6e8091 Andrey Bacherov: Major modification is restoring ability to select divisor type (FEATURE_DIVIDER). Find more details in marocchino_2_status_plans.txt08:05
wallentocan you paste the complete output after running make clean and make somewhere?08:06
wallentoits in the pkgconfig file08:14
wallentodidn't see that one coming08:14
wallentoso, its set in the environment, but pkgconfig doesn't find it, strange08:15
wallentoI have the same version of pkg-config by the way08:16
promachwallento: shall we discuss this tomorrow ?11:55
wallentoyes, lets do11:55
olofkCan someone help me figure out an issue that was reported for or1k-tests. A user says that his compiler can't find or1k-sprs.h when compiling or1k-tests. He copied it manually to /opt/or1k-toolchain/or1k-elf/include and that worked16:35
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